Where is the clinic?

The clinic is housed at First and Cowls Street, in the First Baptist Church facility, in McMinnville.

Who can come to the Clinic?

Everyone is welcome at the Clinic, although priority will be given to those with no medical insurance or  other resources.

When will the clinic be open?

The Clinic is  open the first and third Saturdays of each month, from  9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Do I have to pay for anything?

No. Patients will not be asked to pay for anything. However, if a provider writes a prescription, you will have to pay the pharmacy for the prescription.

Do I have to make an appointment?

No. Just come to the Clinic when it is open. Patients will be seen in the order they arrive, unless someone has an urgent need.

Do I have to show identification?


Will I be able to get medications at the Clinic?

No. No medications are available at the clinic.

Can I get a prescription at the Clinic?

Yes, the medical personnel will be able to write and/or renew certain prescriptions (see note below). Providers will make every attempt to prescribe the least expensive medications.

NOTE: McMinnville Free Clinic will not prescribe controlled substances, including, but not limited to, narcotics (such as Vicodin or Percocet), benzodiazepines (such as Ativan, Lorazapam, or Klonopin), stimulants (such as Ritalin), or Tramadol (Ultram).

Who provides the medical services?

Trained medical professionals, including medical doctors, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants, as well as social workers and pastors will be on hand to assure proper assessment and and treatment for every patient. In addition, the Clinic will work with the local departments of mental health, human services, Virginia Garcia Clinic, and the local hospital to help find medical “homes” for patients where they can receive ongoing medical care.

Will someone be available to help with other types of services, such as shelter and food?

Yes, volunteers are available who will have information about various services available in the community.

Do I have to be a resident of McMinnville to use the services?

No, everyone is welcome.

Why does the Clinic Need to Raise Funds?

While most personnel will volunteer their time, the Clinic incurs costs for supplies, computers, utilities, insurance, background checks, and other expenses not currently anticipated.

Will they do blood tests at the Clinic?

Yes, some blood tests may be available (glucose, urine, strep, pregnancy), although most testing will be done at the hospital, free of charge.

Will you treat both adults and kids?

Yes, people of all ages will be welcome, depending on the providers available.

Do I have to be a legal resident?

No. Everyone is welcome and no questions will be asked about legal status.

Will there be any bilingual people available?

Yes, we have English/Spanish speaking people available as often as possible.

Is the facility handicapped accessible?

Yes, there is an elevator for those who cannot use stairs.